WASHI 15/10mm - Cream Plaid Stardust + light gold/light gold glitter foil

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A soft and beautiful cream plaid stardust washi with hundreds of light gold and light gold glitter foil that sparkles, shimmers, and shower down interspersed with tiny little stars in this beautiful hand crafted design by simply gilded! 

Set includes:

♥ Cream Plaid Stardust + light gold / light gold glitter foil - 15mm x 10m
♥ Cream Plaid Stardust + light gold / light gold glitter foil - 10mm x 10m

This listing is for the set of two washi tapes listed above ONLY

A simply gilded exclusive © simply gilded 2021

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene

Customer Reviews

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So lovely, it's a problem.

I had never purchased anything from simply gilded, as everything seems a tad "girly" which is something I have disavowed since the age of nine. Yet I found myself with gilded pink washi in my cart with seemingly no explanation for how it got there. My order arrived very quickly much to my inpatient delight. Long story a little shorter, I SQUEALED when I opened my parcel. Games where paused, wine was cast aside, and my partner looked on baffled horror as I had a meltdown at the shiny beauty of this washi. I squeed, then promptly bought more washi.