Hummingbird Story

PEN - HUMMINGBIRD STORY Ombre dipped + silver hardware

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A stunning pink and turquoise ombre dipped pen with "hope" inscribed in silver foil! This pen has a postable cap and and silver hardware. 

Black gel ink.  

All designs © simply gilded 2021

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene

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Belle L
Hope-Inspiring Pen

I was running out of pens to write with for notes for classes and seminars. I saw this beautiful turquoise ombre pen with the word "hope" in silver foil on it. Hope is expecting that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope gives you the courage, strength, and faith to keep on going when life is difficult as it has been this past year with the global pandemic. I purchased 2: one to use myself and one to gift to another to pass on hope. The pen writes smoothly and I like that I will not have to search for refills because they are offered through the company. I am holding on to hope for a better tomorrow and days after. Thank you for this beautiful pen of peace and strength.