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This gorgeous limited edition set of 5 washi tapes features the collaborative design work between Irene of simply gilded and Jess Park of @jeshypark. 

Each and every washi tape was thoughtfully created and hand painted by Jess and then embellished with glimmers of sparkling foil.  Her love of flowers & fruits shine throughout the entire collection which spans a rainbow of dreamy, painterly hues!  

♥ Jeshypark strawberry bows (light gold foil) - 15mm 
♥ Jeshypark sunset butterflies (rose gold foil) - 15mm 
♥ Jeshypark berries & leaves (rose gold foil) - 10mm
♥ Jeshypark Rain drop bows (teal and holographic foil) - 15mm

♥  Jeshypark Bloom calligraphy (rose gold) - 10mm

All washi tapes are 10m in length.  Sizes referenced above.  

Set includes 5 full rolls of washi tape

Jess Park is a teacher, calligrapher, watercolor artist, and published author.  She can be found sharing her projects and at @jeshypark on instagram.  Coordinating stickers, unique prints, and her book "Watercolor Lettering" + kit are available on her Etsy shop: 


(c) simply gilded 2019

(c) Jeshypark 2019

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene