20mm + rose gold foil

Enchanted Forest washi

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A stunning design of an enchanted garden and waterfalls in this 20mm washi with rose gold foil accents.

This set includes:

♥ Enchanted Forest + rose gold foil - 20mm x 10m

This listing is for the one washi tape listed above ONLY

All designs © simply gilded 2022

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene

Customer Reviews

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This is absolutely stunning! But..

It has a strange look to it. Like the washi paper suddenly grew the ability to stretch a little without tearing. And in the photos it's being stretched out just the TINIEST BIT, would would obviously cause the artwork printed on it to become (literally the tiniest amount!) larger then it should be, and a bit warped or misshapen maybe? I don't know.. I'm clearly doing a poor job of attempting to explain what it looks like to me. Other than to just say that the print appears as though it's too large for the papers size and parts appear uneven. That's what the floral print looks like to ME. There's actually been a few other rolls the past few months that have the exact same appearance to me. It just looks like some sort of mistake was made when prepping the rolls for printing. I'll still love, cherish, adore, keep one unopened in my collection and continue to use the other. Everything Irene creates is so incredibly beautiful! I'm not about to start letting a possible printing "oops" to EVER change how much I love the beauty, sophistication and unmatched artistry change that! Not in a million years! ❤️