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This gorgeous luxe quilted velvet pouch has rose gold hardware and a matching satin lined interior.  Inside, it houses the 5 washi tapes from the You're a gem subscription box.

5 unique washi tapes in various sizes 

♥ RUBY IRIDESCENT PRISMATIC FOIL + white bows - 15mm x 10m
♥ AMETHYST SIMPLE LINE BOW + crushed diamond foil - 15mm x 10m
♥ RUBY IRIDESCENT PRISMATIC FOIL + white bows - 10mm x 10m
♥ GARNET GEMSTONE + rose gold foil - 15mm x 10m
♥ RUBY GEMSTONE + crushed diamond foil - 15mm x 10m


♥ LUXE QUILTED VELVET POUCH + rose gold hardware

Set of 5 tapes and one pouch.

**Please note there is VARIATION in the special foil coating on the bow washi in this set!  Just like in real gemstones, the coating and opacity ranges from a softer more pearlescent iridescence to a brighter effect.  The shiny ‘crushed gem’ effect is best viewed in direct sunlight.  (Please do not store your washi in direct sunlight as this can fade your washi over time)   Please note that there will be no refunds or exchanges due to variance for washi.

A simply gilded exclusive design. 

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