LARGE ALBUM - Pumpkin Spice + light gold hardware

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This sweet large scalloped album is made of buttery soft vegan leather and has a light gold heart closure and a hook on the side for charms! Plus plenty of pages are included to carry your sticker sheets or photos and one scalloped side pocket on the front! Snap closure.

♥ Large album - Pumpkin Spice + light gold hardware

Size is approximately -
Exterior: H 7 7/8" x W 6.5" 
Interior pages:  H 7.5" x 5"

Maximum sticker sheet size the album will fit:  12.5cm (width) x 18cm (height) - 4 15/16" W x 7 1/8" H

Includes approximately 20 pages.

All designs © simply gilded 2021

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene

Customer Reviews

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Top notch quality

I was blown away by the quality of this item. The plastic of the inserts itself is thick, easy to manipulate, but not easy to wrinkle or crease. You get double the amount of storage because each page has two separate pockets on it (one on each side). The seams on the edges of the plastic pockets are very sturdy. Vegan leather isn’t really my thing, but the quality of the cover is very good as well. It feels protective while not being bulky. The edges are finished and sealed beautifully (no peeling or missed spots). The charm d-ring is attached securely with reinforced stitching that isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it. The hardware is very sturdy and the rest of the materials (cover and inserts) are not struggling to support it. The only sort of down side is the location of the pocket openings along the spine; you can’t store something that is slightly too tall in these pockets. That being said I’ve realized I actually prefer the orientation of these pocket openings (as opposed to conventional top openings) because it is easier to store multiple smaller sticker sheets next to each other in one pocket and have them both be visible. I was hesitant about buying this album, because it’s not exactly my style, but the quality is so, so good that I will definitely be buying more.