Valentine's Bae Bundle

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Valentine's Bae Collection 
♥Valentine's Bae Bead Scatter Pattern + light gold foil / starry overlay - 15mm x 10m
♥ Valentine's Bae Conversation Hearts + light gold foil - 15mm x 10m
♥ Valentine's Bae Conversation Hearts + light gold foil - 15mm x 10m*
♥ Valentine's Bae Friendship Bracelet + light gold foil - 10mm x 10m
♥ Valentine's Bae Bead Bracelet + light gold foil / bubble iridescent overlay - 6mm x 10m
♥ Valentine's Bae Deco Sheet + light gold foil / sparkle star iridescent overlay**
♥ Valentine's Bae1 Sticker Beads Deco Sheet 
♥ Valentine's Bae2 Sticker Beads  Deco Sheet 

♥ Valentine's Bae Luxe Sticker Kit + light gold foil
♥ Valentine's Bae Journal Card
*Please note - Due to a faint ghosting issue and non foiled 'Awesome' conversation heart a discount has been applied to this washi tape. Please note this listing is sold AS IS and is a final sale - no refunds or exchanges will be issued for these washi tapes.


**Note there is a foiling issue on one or more conversation hearts - the deco sheet pricing reflects the small error.  Thank you for understanding!

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