WASHI TAPE 15/10mm bow set White MIXED METALS + gold/ROSE GOLD foil OOPS

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OOPS set - final sale*

A stunning white washi with a mix of gold and rose gold foil bows!

This set includes: 
♥ WHITE MIXED METALS + gold/rose gold foil bows - 15mm x 10m
♥ WHITE MIXED METALS + gold/rose gold foil bows - 10mm x 10m

A simply gilded exclusive set. 

This listing is for the 2 washi tapes listed above ONLY

*NOTE - The alignment on the bows in this batch of washi tapes is not 100% perfect thus the OOPS designation! It is however, very very close.  Please note this listing is sold AS IS and is final sale - no refunds or exchanges will be issued. 

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