General FAQ

Why simply gilded?

Simply gilded is a labor of love - everything you find here has been designed with a fresh and unique perspective.  I love attention to detail, whimsical touches, and of course, hints of sparkle and shine!  

Also, I strive to give you the most that I can not only in the realm of design, but also in terms of quality and value.  I am sure you will appreciate the love and care I put into ensuring you get a quality product!   In addition to this, you will find the customer care team is excellent - we care deeply about our customers.  With over 22,000+ positive reviews on Etsy, you can rest assured you are in good hands!

Thanks for supporting our Female & Asian-owned small business ♥

How often do you release new designs?

The release schedule will vary, but I usually release new designs every 2-3 weeks.  The Subscription box of course, features designs exclusive to the box and are sent out on a monthly basis.  You can find out more about subscriptions here.

Will you restock any designs/colors?

Exclusive designs will be released on a limited run basis.  Once our main releases sell out, we often will have a much smaller restock of any leftover product once all initial orders have been fulfilled.  On occasion, I will re-release items if requested by popular demand during our semi-annual Presales.  

Are there any coupon codes?

I periodically have sales and coupon codes - I encourage you to join our facebook group and newsletter using the links below - all updates will be sent out to the list and posted in the pinned post in the facebook group!  I also encourage you to explore the simply gilded Karat Club rewards program!  When you sign up, you are able to acquire points that can go towards coupon codes that can be used at any time.  (found at the tab on the lower right hand corner of the site)

Can I purchase your product in person at any retails shops?

Please see my suppliers page for a list of the boutiques that currently stock my line of simply gilded products!  (Selection varies as the retailer chooses which items to stock)

Can I cancel my order?

In general, cancellations of orders once placed are not honored as they begin processing immediately after placement.  If you realize you have sent your item to the incorrect address, you may contact customer support at hello@simplygilded.com for assistance.  Please note that any order updates or changes are not guaranteed.  

Cancellations done after payment submission using Paypal will be refunded less a 3-4% fee based on location.  (New policy starting April 2019 due to changes in Paypal terms and conditions)  

What is your refund policy?

Your happiness & satisfaction is very important to us!  Please visit our refund policy here


Shipping FAQ

How long will it take to receive my order / what is the standard turnaround time for shipping?

Regular shop orders:  In general, orders are processed within the week during non-release weeks and from 1 to 1.5 weeks during new releases and restocks.  You will receive a tracking number within this time period.    

Subscription boxes:  Subscription boxes will ship mid-month though occasionally we are able to ship earlier - any significant delays will be communicated by email, facebook, and on the @simplygildedbox instagram account.

PRESALE orders will take 2-3 months to process as they are ordered after the presale period has closed.  

Where is my order?

Please refer to your emailed tracking number for up to date information on shipping status.  Most domestic orders take around 1 week to arrive via first class shipping while international orders can take upwards of 4 weeks.

I currently use the USPS as my solo shipping carrier - if there are further issues with your tracking, please contact USPS for assistance.   Please note there are occasionally unforeseen delays and interruptions with service that may affect expected arrival time.  Simply gilded is not responsible for delayed packages, including those who have opted for priority mail shipment.  

Lost packages

If a package has not been marked delivered, our policy is to wait at least 4 weeks for orders from the date the package was shipped until the package is declared lost.  After this point, you may contact support at hello@simplygilded.com for assistance.  Please note that currently, some international orders may take upwards of 8 weeks to deliver.  

If your order has not been received 30 days after tracking has been sent, please contact customer service to inquire.  If no contact has been made within 60 days of package shipment, we will be unable to assist.  

Please note that simply gilded is NOT responsible for international packages that have been held by or lost by your country's local customs/post office.  If your package has been marked delivered yet you have not received it, please contact your local post office to resolve.  

I placed my order and need to change my address.

Regular shop orders:  Please make sure that your address is correct before checking out as it is not guaranteed to be changed after a regular order is placed.  Most orders begin processing immediately after order placement. 

PRESALE orders:  Please refer to the guidelines outlined in the Presale terms and conditions as we do allow address changes on these orders.  

Subscription box orders:  Please make sure to update your subscription box address via the subscription account management dashboard before the 1st of the month for recurring orders or during enrollment for new subscribers.  If you are needing address change assistance after the 1st of the month or would like to confirm your address change, please contact us at hello@simplygilded.com

If you use Apple Pay, please make sure the associated address on file with Apple Pay is correct as the shipping will default to the address on file with this payment system. 

Simply gilded is not liable for packages shipped to addresses that were not updated prior to checkout.

For all packages marked 'delivered' but not received:

Occasionally the USPS will mark a package delivered 1-2 days before the package arrives.  I kindly ask that you be patient in these instances and wait 1-2 business days before reaching out to customer service.  

If the package has still not appeared, please check with the office (if you live in an apartment complex) or check with neighbors to see if the package can be delivered. 

If the package is still not recovered after this point, please check with your local post office.

If your order was shipped priority, you may file a claim after 15 days by visiting https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm.  for The USPS can also be contacted at 1-877-275-8777 to see if the package can be recovered and delivered correctly

First class packages - you may open up a missing mail search after 7 business days by visiting the USPS site at https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm  

Please note simply gilded is not liable for missing packages marked as 'delivered' that are either misdelivered by the post office or due to theft on your property.  Thank you for understanding.

Where is my subscription box order?

Subscription boxes are mailed mid-month and take about a full week to process.  There are occasionally delays, but subscribers will be given notice in case of delay.  Please refer to the tracking number that is sent via email when the package ships.  

Please note that international packages are picked up on a specified date -- labels may be pre-printed a few days in advance of shipment/pickup.

Where is my tracking?

Tracking is emailed to your on file email address once your order has shipped.  Please refer to this tracking number before reaching out.  However, if your tracking is not available as it sometimes does not update international tracking numbers, please contact us at hello@simplygilded.com for further assistance.

Do you combine shipping?

We are sorry but combined shipping is not available.  Please make sure your order is correct before checkout.  

International customers 

Buyer is responsible for any customs, fees, or tariffs associated with international shipping.   NOTE - CUSTOMS fees vary by country and are based on the ITEM COST - sale price is not taken into consideration for some countries so please keep this in mind when checking out.  simply gilded is not responsible for customs charges and it is buyer's responsibility to make sure they are purchasing with this in mind. 

United Kingdom (UK) and EU Customers - We are happy to announce that we are now FULLY VAT (Value-added-tax) compliant in both the UK and EU and will collect and remit VAT on your behalf.  VAT will be collected during the checkout process.  You should not owe any VAT upon arrival.  Please note that VAT and customs are separate and it is possible you may still be responsible for separate customs fees.  


**Last update 9/17/23

 If you have any other concerns/questions about the order you have received, please contact customer service at hello@simplygilded.com within 30 days of purchase and we will be happy to assist.  Thank you so much for your support!