Why simply gilded?

Simply gilded is a labor of love and a passion project of mine - everything you find here has either been lovingly designed by me or carefully curated to reflect the freshest, loveliest and most unique designs.  I love attention to detail, whimsical touches, and of course, hints of sparkle and shine!  

Also, I strive to give you the most that I can not only in the realm of design, but also in terms of quality and value.  I am sure you will appreciate the love and care I put into ensuring you get a quality product!   In addition to this, you will find the customer care team is excellent - with over 22,000+ positive reviews on Etsy, you can rest assured you are in good hands!

Thanks for supporting small business ♥

How often do you release new designs?

The release schedule will vary,l but I am to release new designs every 2-3 weeks.  The Subscription box of course, features designs exclusive to the box and are sent out on a monthly basis.  You can find out more about subscriptions here.

Will you restock any designs/colors?

Exclusive designs will be released on a limited run basis.  Once the designs are sold out, they will NOT be restocked although some designs may be released in different color schemes.  On occasion, I will re-release a bow color if requested by popular demand. 

Are there any coupon codes?

I periodically have sales and coupon codes - I encourage you to join our facebook group and newsletter at the links below - all updates will be sent out to the list and posted in the pinned post in the facebook group!  I also encourage you to explore the new simply gilded   Karat Club rewards program!  When you sign up, you are able to acquire points that can go towards coupon codes that can be used at any time.  

Can I purchase your product in person at any retails shops?

Please see my suppliers page for a list of the boutiques that currently stock my line of simply gilded products!  (Selection varies as the retailer chooses which items to stock)

Can I cancel my order?

In general, cancellations of orders once placed are not guaranteed as they begin processing immediately after placement.  You may contact customer support at hello@simplygilded.com for assistance - however, cancellations during new releases/large restocks are generally not allowed due to the large volume of orders.  

Cancellations done after payment submission using Paypal will be refunded less a 3-4% fee based on location.  (New policy starting April 2019 due to changes in Paypal terms and conditions)  

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Processing times are usually posted in the "updates" section of the website.  In general, orders are processed within the week during non-release weeks and from 1-2 weeks during new releases and restocks.  

Where is my order?  My order is lost?

Please refer to the shipping FAQ 

 If you have any other concerns/questions about the order you have received, please contact customer service at hello@simplygilded.com (regular shop orders) or simplygildedbox@gmail.com (for subscription orders) 30 days of purchase and we will be happy to assist.  Thank you!