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Our subscriptions brim with the sweetest surprises. Every month, you'll receive exclusive stationery items, washi tape / stickers / and more lovingly designed for all your planning and crafting needs. 

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Love for Simply Gilded

The style and quality are both amazing!! I recently found simply gilded but am already in love with all the products I've purchased so far!

Jessica R

[I love] the beauty of the items which bring me "sunshine" just looking at them.  [I love] the thoughtful effort that Irene and her team put in to the details of the creation of all the items and the time and effort to package the merchandise with care...Thanks!!!

Laura S

I love the quality of the washi tape, Simply Gilded is the best washi tape that I have used hands down.

Tara H

I love the thought and attention to detail Irene puts into her beautiful designs. You can tell that every single customer truly matters to her. The products are always great quality, and the customer service is excellent. 

Mandy B

[I love] the attention to detail and the innovative designs and color combinations. 

Tonesha H

The quality of all products are out of this world I don't shop anywhere else nothing compares 

Maile N

I love the absolutely amazing quality, and I really feel like love goes into each item made. I love that [simply gilded] goes above and beyond and the products and staff really have high standards.  It shows in everything from products, to service. 

Meagan P

Welcome to The Shimmering World of Simply Gilded

Simply Gilded is where whimsical wonder meets luxury and sophistication. Our boutique stationery collections and subscription boxes are hand designed by Irene herself and inspire a community of creators who simply love pretty things with an elegant twist!

About Our Journey

Lately Around Here

November 22nd 2021

New Galaxy & Gold Release!

The gorgeous NEW Galaxy & Gold Release is LIVE! A dazzling new Wintry Galaxy box and Classic Black & White washi collection dressed to the nines in gold sparkler foil are sure to light up the New Year!

Please note that due to the holiday volume, processing times have increased to 1-2+ weeks. We will keep you posted of any expected delays! Please make sure to place your orders this month (domestically) to ensure a timely arrival for the holidays, especially given anticipated shipping delays. We appreciate your patience!

Thank you for showing us love all throughout the year! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season!

NOVEMBER 15th, 2021

Tis' the Season to SHINE!

Our Holiday Collection was so huge this year that we had to break it into two different releases!

Holiday Release Part 1 AND Part 2 are now available in shop! Our order processing time is still less than one week at time of update - if your priority is speed, make sure to place your order soon as shipping times are creeping upwards!

Today is the official launch of our ICELAND themed subscription! Be transported to the magical land of fire & ice with this cozy yet enchanting box & coordinating washi / deluxe stickers. I'm holding off on increasing the price of the DELUXE new kit through the holidays, so make sure you enroll to nab this special pricing before it's gone!

**An Important note on Iceland Subscriptions this month**

Due to worldwide shipping delays, we are still awaiting several shipments of items for the full Iceland box.  With this in mind, I want to give you a heads up that I am setting the anticipated shipping time out a bit. Processing time for the BOX is estimated to begin on December 6th. The sticker and washi subsciption kit should start processing on November 29th.  

 We still have hope that items will arrive on time and if they do, we will make sure to process earlier if possible!  Thank you very much for your understanding and patience ♥

OCTOBER 29th, 2021

Restocks + Updates

Today we have a number of highly anticipated restocks back in the shop starting at 11am CT!

The August Presale has completed processing earlier this week! Having wrapped this up, we are now able to offer limited extras starting TODAY! These will be located in both the New Release/Restock area and the August Presale tab.

We also have MOON DROPS extras popping in under both subscription extras and new release/restock collections. It's one of my personal favorites - the gorgeous and sophisticated blue/greys/purples are a celestial dream.

Our Home Sweet Home subscription enrollment is open through November 13th! We are currently processing and thanks to our hardworking team, aim to wrap things up this week! (Subscriptions always ship the last week of the month)

Last but not least - stay tuned for our HOLIDAY RELEASES coming in early November alongside some major deal announcements you won't want to miss! For the latest, make sure to sign up for our newsletter below ♥

October 1st, 2021

Cozy Fall + Updates

Our Cozy Fall Collection launches today at 11am CT! Featuring soft, supple, and comforting colors and exclusive plaid patterns on washi tape, seals, albums and more!

A heads up - the USPS has increased shipping rates applicable today. You may notice a slight bump. All rates are automatically calculated during checkout based on region and weight. In addition to the price increase, there is also notice that shipping will be notably slower. We will do our best to keep turnaround times down so you can receive your beautiful items as soon as possible!

Finally, we are still awaiting final shipments of our Presale items! Our estimation for processing is later October. I can't wait for you to see how beautiful everything turned out. ♥

xo, Irene
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