12 days of simply gilded 2023

Our 12 days of simply gilded box is an advent containing 12 beautifully packaged days of surprises!   Items are thoughtfully designed to be practical -- with an added touch of magic to make the everyday extraordinary!

UPDATE 12/6 - Our Advents are currently processing!  We anticipate completion by end of week (12/8)  Thank you for your patience!  If you still would like a box, you can place your order now and your box will ship in 1-3 business days.  Thank you!


This box is a presale / preorder which means that your order will be shipped at a later date.  Projected processing is set for late November / early December of this year.

Please note - by purchasing this Presale item you agree to the following terms of purchase:  

1. I understand that being a preorder, these items will not ship until late November / early December.  
2. I understand that there are NO cancellations on this order since it is a preorder.
3. I understand that being a preorder, these orders cannot be combined with other items / orders.  
4. I will not add any other items to my cart other than this preorder item
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout or saved under third-party payment methods and will not be changed UNLESS I am moving in the next month.  I will email hello@simplygilded.com as soon as my new address is available to have my order address updated.   I acknowledge that if this is not done before November 20th, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued. (emails via any other channel or email will not be considered)
6.  I understand that holiday / Christmas delivery is not guaranteed due to the unpredictability of the post office - however, we will do our best to get these shipped out ASAP!  

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