July 2020 Presale


July 2020 simply gilded PRESALE

Presale officially CLOSED

10/6 - Presale items are ALL IN HOUSE!  Final quality checks will be conducted today and presales will start fulfilling THIS WEEK.  

Any address changes after this point are not guaranteed.  

Presale fulfillment will take upwards of 2 weeks to complete.  Thank you for your patience!


Welcome to the July simply gilded PRESALE!  This is a PRE-ORDER event - which means if you place your order, it will ship in 2-3 months as the product will go into production once ordering has been completed.

Please make sure there are ONLY PRESALE items in your cart while checking out (no regular shop or subscription items)  

There are a variety of beautiful options to choose from and you may order as little or as many as you like!  (no limits!)


By participating in this presale event, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

1. I understand that being a presale, these items will not ship for 2-3 months. This could be up to early November. I agree to this waiting period.
2. I understand that being a presale, there are NO cancellations on this order
3. I understand that being a presale, presale orders will not be combined with any other orders. 
4. I understand that any messages in regard to shipment of the product EARLIER than Oct. 15th will not be answered. 
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout and will not be changed UNLESS I am moving in the next 1-3 months. I will email hello@simplygilded.com as soon as my new address is available to have my order address updated. I acknowledge that if this is not done, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued. (emails via any other channel or email will not be considered) 
6. I understand that ONLY presale items will be added to this order. 
7. I understand that if I ADD other shop or subscription items to this presale order, it will be cancelled.   

***Images are digital mockup of product -- monitor depictions of color and final product may vary***


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