February Presale 2022

**The February Presale is CLOSED**

Update 5/23/22 - Processing for the presale has officially started!  Please note that processing will take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to complete.  Orders will be processed in the order that they were received.  Anticipated completion date is June 3rd.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to getting your packages out as fast as possible! 

Update 5/7/22We are nearing the start date to our February/March Presale fulfillment! We are awaiting just a few more reprints and freebies to arrive. We hope to start shipping in late May. Thank you so much for your patience - once everything arrives, we will be prioritizing presale processing!

Update 3/30/22 - **note** All items are currently in active production!  Although there have been some pandemic-related production delays, we should still be on schedule for a *fingers crossed* May release.  I will continue to post updates in relation to the presale here so please check back periodically for the latest!  

Welcome to the Official February 2022 Presale page!

If you are a seasoned Presale Veteran - Welcome Back!

If you are new here -or just would like a refresher- please make sure to read over the following.  It's SUPER important since Presale doesn't work like a typical order!  I want everybody to be on the same page with expectations - but more importantly, I want you to be happy with your experience. ♥

When purchasing, it is important to only add presale items to your cart!  It is also important to understand the time frame and to agree to the terms and conditions below!  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message at hello@simplygilded.com 

***Presale terms & conditions***  

Please note - by purchasing this Presale item you agree to the following terms of purchase:  

1. I understand that being a presale, the processing is expected to begin in late May to early June. This is an estimate.  I agree with this waiting period.
2. I understand that being a presale, there are NO cancellations on this order.
3. I understand that being a presale, it will not be combined with any other orders. 
4. I understand that any messages in regards to shipment of the product EARLIER than May 5 will not be answered. 
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout.  If my address changes or if I need my order shipped to a different address after my order is placed, I will email hello@simplygilded.com immediately with my new address to have my order address updated. I acknowledge that if this is not done, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued.  I understand an address change is not guaranteed.  
6. I understand that ONLY presale items will be added to this order. 
7. I understand that if I add other non-presale items or subscription items to this presale order, it will be canceled.   

***Images are digital mockup of product -- monitor depictions of color and final product may vary slightly***

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