March 2021 Presale

Thank you for participating in the 2021 March Presale!  Processing is now complete for all Presale orders!

6/10 update - The final washi tape is here (early grey tea time) and we are processing all presale orders!  Estimated processing time is 1 week.  Please lookout for your shipping notification in the upcoming week!  Thank you again for your patience, cannot wait for you to receive your beautiful new washi!

6/8 update - Although we are awaiting the final washi tape to arrive (earl grey tea time) we are starting processing TODAY!  We want to get a head start on getting orders out to y'all since we have a busy month ahead.  The earl grey tea time washi is expected to arrive in the next few days (and possibly today!) so if you ordered the buy-all--presale-bundle or the earl grey washi individually, your orders will be shipped once we have these in hand later this week.  

All presale orders are anticipated to process in 1.5-2 weeks!  We sincerely appreciate your patience.  Thank you so much for your support and I hope you love your new washi!

6/1 update - the final tapes are being produced and are scheduled to ship to us this coming Thursday 6/3.  There have been unexpected delays in production due to power restrictions at the manufacturing facilities.  That being said, we have about 80% of all the washi in hand and still plan on starting processing of Presale orders the second week of June (around 6/10)  Thank you for your patience and we will continue to update on any progress!

5/7/21 update - We are starting to receive a few of the presale washi tapes at our fulfillment center!  Inventory/quality checks are conducted on all inbound washi / products and will continue as we receive shipments.  There have been some shipping/production delays but none so far will affect the anticipated June processing window.  

4/26/21 update - All washi is currently in production!  Our manufacturer has completed foiling samples to make sure the quality of product is up to my level of standards.  The majority of the designs have begun production.  We are currently expected to begin fulfillment of orders in JUNE!  


A reminder that items sold here are a PREORDER - washi/items will be produced after order sale period has closed.    

***Presale terms & conditions**  

Please note - by purchasing this Presale item you agree to the following terms of purchase:  

1. I understand that being a presale, these items will not ship for 2-3 months. This could be up to June. I agree to this waiting period.
2. I understand that being a presale, there are NO cancellations on this order.
3. I understand that being a presale, it will not be combined with any other orders. 
4. I understand that any messages in regard to shipment of the product EARLIER than May 15th will not be answered. 
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout and will not be changed UNLESS I am moving in the next 1-3 months. I will email as soon as my new address is available to have my order address updated. I acknowledge that if this is not done, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued. (messages via any other channel or email will not be considered) 
6. I understand that ONLY presale items will be added to this order. 
7. I understand that if I ADD other shop or subscription items to this presale order, it will be cancelled.   

***Images are digital mockup of product -- monitor depictions of color and final product may vary slightly***