MerMay Presale


Thank you for participating in the MerMay Presale!  The MerMay Presale has now completed processing!!!  Your orders are on their way to you NOW! Thank you so much for your participation!


 A very limited amount of extras will be available THIS FRIDAY 8/18


All MerMay status updates will be posted here on this page!

8/1 - The MerMay Presale has COMPLETED Processing!  Orders are now in transit - for international orders, please expect between 1-3 weeks for delivery. Domestic orders should take around 1 week maximum.  If you have not yet received shipping notification for your presale, please contact us at for assistance.  Thank you so much for your participation!  

7/25 - The MerMay Presale has STARTED PROCESSING!  Fulfillment is expected to take around 2 weeks.  You will receive your tracking information from now through August 8th (approximately)  Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to you enjoying your goodies soon!*  

(*A note:  There is a possibility of a looming UPS strike here in the USA - if so, the shift of volume to other shipping carriers (including USPS) can possibly slow delivery times.  We are watching the situation and will inform you of any potential shipping delays)

7/21 - We are awaiting the FINAL box to arrive (with our Mermaid Grotto postcards!) We have received all other items and are currently undergoing Quality Assurance checks.  Our FREEBIE stickers going out to all presale orders are super cute!  We are so excited to get these out to you soon.  Our target start date is still the 31st, but it possibly will start earlier.  If you need to update or change your address for any reason, PLEASE email our customer care team at so that we can take care of you before orders start shipping!

7/18 - Our MerMay sticker kits have arrived!  We are currently completing quality assurance on the sticker kits.  Our last item to arrive are the postcards for the Passports and the Deco stickers.  These have reached Stateside and will take about a week to arrive at the warehouse.  Our projected start of processing is 7/31.  Thanks again for your patience!  Everything looks beautiful!!!


 6/27/23 - All manufacturing of MerMay products (washi, stickers, journal cards, pouches) is complete!  Product is en route to the warehouse with an expected arrival of mid to late July.  

6/13-23- Our sticker manufacturer has completed production of the sticker kits and will be shipping them out to us this week. (shipping will take around 25 days) Our washi manufacturers have shipped a portion already and the before-shipping quality checks are being assessed for the remainder.  Our hope is that the washi will ship by late next week (Also around 25 days for shipping)  We will continue to update and monitor - so far, we are on schedule for an early August shipping at the latest.  More updates to come!

5/23 - MerMay Presale Closed.  Order quantities submitted to manufacturer for production

***Presale terms & conditions**  

Please note - by purchasing this Presale item you agree to the following terms of purchase:  

1. I understand that being a presale, these items will not ship for 2-3 months. This could be up to late August. I agree to this waiting period.
2. I understand that being a presale, there are no cancellations on this order.
3. I understand that being a presale, it will not be combined with any other orders. 
4. I understand that the images on the listings are digital product mockups -- monitor depictions of color and final product may vary slightly.  Reprints of previous items may vary slightly in color/print as well.
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout and will not be changed UNLESS I am moving in the next 1-3 months. I will email as soon as my new address is available to have my order address updated. I acknowledge that if this is not done, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued. (messages via any other channel or email will not be considered) 
6. I understand that ONLY presale items will be added to this order. 
7. I understand that if I ADD other shop or subscription items to this presale order, it will be cancelled.