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This current theme is Wildflower! FREE Domestic Shipping (USA)


The simply gilded subscription kit delivers beauty & delight in stationery form each month! Each box contains a boxed set of washi tapes, a full 7-piece sticker kit, and a bonus stationery item (most oftentimes, our signature gel ink pen).  

Every month, the theme will change.  

**Please make sure to ONLY add the subscription box during checkout**  -- if you have more than these items in your cart, the shipping will not calculate correctly and your order could be delayed!

What're Inside & Details

The Wildflower box includes:

♥ Designer washi tapes in various sizes packaged in a coordinating box
♥ Foiled journaling card
♥ 7-piece deluxe sticker kit with foiled functional/decorative stickers & seals
♥ Engraved black gel refillable ink pen

♥ Subscriber BONUS this month - Special Wildflower stamps washi tape!


Your FIRST box will be charged the day you place the order.  FUTURE boxes will be billed on the 1st of every month

Subscription processing will start mid-month and be sent over the fulfillment week.  

Subscription Policy / Terms & Conditions

Please note you are signing up for a  **subscription service**  which means billing will occur automatically every month.  The FIRST box will be charged the day placed.  All future billing will occur on the 1st of every month and the kits will ship mid-month.  In the event of an unforeseen delay, subscribers will be notified.

By purchasing a Monthly Subscription, you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment charge at the then-current subscription rate and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges before cancellation.

Cancellation of same-month subscription will be allowed up to 11:59 pm CT on the 26th of the month.  Any cancellations after this date will not be processed and will apply to the next billing cycle (next month).  To cancel, please email

Boxes are not guaranteed for subscribers who have late/delayed payments.  If you are having an issue with your charge after the 1st, please contact support at immediately for assistance.  

All customers are responsible for their address updates and changes. However, if you change your address AFTER the 1st of the month when orders are created OR after your initial payment and order placement, you MUST contact customer support before shipping begins to ensure a change has been made.  Simply gilded is not responsible for packages sent to the incorrect address if the customer does not notify customer support.  Address changes after order placement are never guaranteed.  However, we will do our best to try to help depending on your order status.  (  

By subscribing, you agree to receive communications about the status of your box in addition to occasional surveys that are optional.  You may unsubscribe to any mailing list anytime by scrolling down and selecting 'unsubscribe' from our email list service.

For a complete list of all policies, please see the full terms & conditions posted in the website footer and the subscription FAQ.  If you have any questions, please reach out to

If payment cannot be obtained, the subscription box will not ship and will not be reserved for subscribers if there is no response or update in payment after 3 attempts.  

By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to these terms & conditions. 


This Month’s Theme | July 2024


Our July kit is inspired by sweet flower-dotted meadows, cheerful colors, and the perfect lazy Summer day!

xo, Irene
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Subscription Box FAQs

What’s in the simply gilded subscription kit?

Every box comes complete with a boxed set of 6-7 unique hand-designed washi tapes in various sizes,  a deluxe 6 piece sticker set, one-of-a-kind journaling card, and a bonus stationery item (most oftentimes, our signature pen)

All items and themes in the box are exclusively designed by simply gilded - you can't find them anywhere else!

How do I enroll in the New 2023 Box?

Our brand new subscription kit is now available for enrollment!

You will just need to add one kit to your cart and checkout in order to enroll in the new 2023 subscription box!

When will my Subscription ship?

The subscriptions for the same month will start shipping mid-month - around the the 14th - 15th of each month.  They may ship earlier depending on various factors. Please note the 14th-15th is the *start* date of processing, which usually lasts 4-5 days.

If you subscribed after processing begins, your order will likely ship within a week of subscribing.

If there is any significant delay in shipment, subscribers will all be notified in advance via the email attached to the subscriber's account.

How much is shipping?

For the full subscription box:

Shipping & handling domestically (USA) is FREE and will be shipped USPS First Class.

Canadian shipping is $10

International shipping is $12

*due to COVID-19 there have been postal disruptions worldwide - some markets may see an increased shipping rate.

Why is my shipping rate not showing up correctly?

It is very important to make sure your cart ONLY contains the simply gilded subscription box. If you have other items in your cart, the shipping will not show up correctly.

Please remove other items from your cart and the shipping should update accordingly ♥

When will I be charged?

You will be billed for your first subscription the date you place the order.  All future subscriptions will be billed on the 1st of each month.  (note, the charges start processing at 12:01 ET so please keep this in mind if you are not based in the US or in a different time zone)

If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, your subscription for the month is not guaranteed and reserved.  Please make sure any payment issues are resolved by this date.  Please note that any major changes to Paypal including switching Paypal accounts or switching from Paypal to a credit card will require a manual update.  (You may switch your default cards within Paypal at anytime - this does not require action on our part)  --  If you need assistance with extending your payment window or updating payment, please email us at

How can I change my address?

If you are a recurring subscriber you are able to update your address by accessing your subscription dashboard under your account (account details >> manage subscriptions) From here, update the address associated with your subscription. Important note - you are ONLY able to change your address via this method before the 1st of the month.  If your card has been charged and/or it is after the 1st of the month, please contact customer service at

If you need to change your address after initial enrollment or if you need to update your address after the 1st of the month, please contact customer service immediately at

Please note - if you are changing your address from domestic to international or vice versa, please let us know immediately at so we can adjust your shipping to reflect your new location!

Are we allowed to skip months?

Yes! NEW this year - you may skip up to 3 times per calendar year after which point, you must resubscribe.

Please note that if you choose to skip, you will drop in priority for all available kits - i.e if the subscription for the month you wish to rejoin sells out, you are not guaranteed that month's kit as the previous month's active subscribers will be prioritized.

In order to skip the upcoming month, you must log into your subscription dashboard attached to your account and select the 'skip' option before the 1st of the month.

How do I skip a month?

In order to skip the upcoming month, you must log into your subscription dashboard attached to your account and select the 'skip' option before the 1st of the month.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription up until 11:59pm CT on the 26th of the month.  After this point, your order will ship as scheduled and any cancellations will apply to the following month.  To cancel, please email your wish to cancel along with your name on the account and most recent order number to -- We kindly ask that you do not cancel via Paypal billing agreement as we are unable to reactivate your account and you will have to wait to re-enroll again if this is a mistake! 

Can I order other items with my subscription box?

No! Please make sure you checkout with ONLY the subscription kit in your cart. If you have other items in your cart during checkout, you will not be able to access the shipping benefits included with the recurring subscription!

Can I order multiple kits?

Yes* - however, you must checkout with each box individually. Each box is individually assembled and so we are unable to ship multiple boxes per order. If you are planning on ordering more than one box, please make sure to checkout one box at a time. Each box will be managed under a separate subscription and will be sent under different tracking numbers.

Can I purchase an additional sticker kit with my box?

We currently do not have an add-on option for additional sticker kits. However, if we have any extras after our subscription fulfillment, they will be available for purchase in the subscription extras section of our website.

I live in the United Kingdom - how do you handle VAT taxes?

We collect VAT or Value-Added-Tax on your behalf during the checkout process.
A note - although VAT is collected, all orders are still subject to customs.

I live in the European Union - how do you handle VAT taxes?

We collect VAT or Value-Added-Tax on your behalf during the checkout process.

A note - although VAT is collected, all orders are still subject to customs.

I don't see a shipping option for my country

Due to extreme weather or natural disasters (including the recent worldwide pandemic), some countries have restrictions or complete shipping suspensions in place. We will update our shipping list frequently and monitor conditions so we can offer shipping again once available!

If you have concerns about shipping to your country, please email for assistance ♥

I think my subscription might be lost?

Although we do not claim responsibility for mail lost by the postal service, we are happy to assist in any way we can.

If a package has not been marked delivered, our policy is to wait at least 4 weeks for orders from the date the package was shipped until the package is declared lost.  After this point, you may contact support at for assistance.  Please note that currently, some international orders may take upwards of 8 weeks to deliver.  

If your order has not been received 30 days after tracking has been sent, please contact customer service to inquire.  If no contact has been made within 60 days of package shipment, we will be unable to assist.  

Please note that simply gilded is not responsible for international packages that have been held by or lost by your country's local customs/post office.  If your package has been marked delivered yet you have not received it, please contact your local post office to resolve.  

I have a question that isn't answered here

Please feel free to reach out to us at and we will be happy to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Reviewer avatar
Premium Planner Goodies at its finest!

I've been a repeat customer to Simply Gilded for well over a year now. I've been subscribed to the monthly box this whole time and haven't missed one! Irene does not disappoint with her beautiful creations every month and every release. Today she released the 1st SG Summer Seasonal Box and it's a stunner!! Of course I had to have it. I highly recommend Simply Gilded & the team. 💖

Wowed by the first box of the new subscription

I absolutely love the new subscription box! I love that I can reuse the box to send cute gifts to my relatives and I love everything in it. The quality is top notch. Bravo for a great reinvention of a product that was already amazing!

Crystal Park
Love it!

Purchased the subscription box as a Christmas gift for my wife. She's loved the two boxes we've received. She raves about the washi tapes and stickers and says this is the best gift I've given her.

New Format is Awesome!!!

Irene has the bet Sub Box, full stop! I am particularly delighted with the format of the new deluxe sticker kit. Each month, we are treated to the most beautiful washi tape on the planet. I have recently started using B6 planners and TNs and it is wonderful to receive the B6 notebooks each month along with the vellum and acetate sheets. Even if you don't use the notebooks, I have found that they make wonderful (RAC) gifts!

The quality and quantity of the products are top-notch. I am amazed that Simply Gilded is able to keep the cost so reasonable.

Tina Martin
Best sub box out there!

I truly love this box! I look forward to it every month! I've tried almost every planner box out there and this box is the best! Very high quality products and customer service that really cares. What I like most about this sub is that you can cancel month to month and you get a preview before you buy. Honestly I don't need the preview because I know for sure I'll use something out of every box.