About Juniper

Juniper is the simply gilded mascot and bunny extraordinaire.  Partly modeled after Irene's sweet daughter Lillian, she has long lashes and a sweet & spunky personality!
About Juniper
Name:  Juniper bunny
Birthday:  12/1/15
Description:  Though she is most often depicted in a white-and-pink color scheme, Juniper's coat changes with the seasons.  She almost always retains her heart-shaped pink nose and pink ears
Likes:  Sweets of all varieties, the color pink, sweet potatoes, rainbow everything, long hops through the woods with friends, bubble tea, bows, crafting, hot bubble baths, fresh flowers, roasted veggies, sunsets, comfy clothes, exploring new places
Dislikes:  Cilantro, deadlines, fussiness, most bugs (butterflies OK), waking up early
More XoXo Juniper & friends coming soon!
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