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Strawberry Milk Luxe Sticker Kit

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Our new 5-page* functional sticker kit on our buttery 'unicorn' premium matte paper.
*4 pages plus oops 1st page

These thoughtfully designed Strawberry Milk stickers feature unique art and beautiful themes all with touches of bubbly iridescent overlay.

Kit includes 9 full boxes, 4 full weeks of headers plus functional and decor!

Each sheet measures 12.5cm (width) x 18cm (height) - 4 15/16" W x 7 1/8" H
Boxes measure 1 1/2" width x 2" height
Headers measure 1 1/2" width x 3/8" height

Currently, this luxe sticker kit is available in two options:

♥ Strawberry Milk Luxe Sticker Kit + bubbly iridescent overlay
(5 total pages: 4 pages plus oops 1st page)

♥ Strawberry Milk Luxe Sticker Kit & Date Dots + bubbly iridescent overlay
(5 total pages and date dots: 4 pages plus oops 1st page)

This listing is for the one sticker LUXE kit listed above ONLY

A simply gilded exclusive © simply gilded 2024

Beautiful, Boutique Stationery from Simply Gilded

xo, Irene

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